From your initial contact with More Interiors to meet one of our design consultants, to the completion of your new Luxury Kitchen, Bedroom or Bathroom, we aim to deliver service excellence. This is achieved through the demand for the highest quality design and installation craftsmanship, the very best products, and rigorous process and quality checks.

Professional Interior Design

We will arrange to meet with you for an initial consultation, where we will discuss your requirement. After we have established the overall features that you want in your desired space, we will start developing a proposed design layout with fixtures and fittings that meet your needs and style.

Working with our clients, we offer guidance regarding the latest interior trends and combine this expertise with ideas and lifestyle requirements derived from our face to face discussions.

When you have agreed to our proposed designed space, we will plan and order all components required for you. We will provide a detailed scaled plan of your space, which will provide you with measurements and a detailed list of fixtures with images needed to construct your vision.

We take pride in our designs and will ensure we provide you with the outcome you desire. All our clients are pleased with our enthusiastic approach and hands on service. We will guide and advise you the best possible way to achieve the space you desire.

When creating new designs, we only use products from manufacturers that share our desire for the highest quality and design innovation.

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Luxury Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms

The purchase of a new Kitchen, Bedroom or Bathroom is a significant purchase for any of our clients.  It is our priority to ensure that when dealing with More Interiors, our clients benefit from the highest levels of customer service and installation excellence.

When designing a new Kitchen, Bedroom or Bathroom we consider not only the available space but the home in its entirety. This ability to provide customers with additional options, for example, moving an interior wall, bespoke wall finishes, or installing under-floor heating opens new opportunities you may not have considered previously.

We understand that no two homes are the same, every client and their living space provides a unique design challenge. It is the challenge of creating a space that best serves your needs, the architecture of the home, and the future life of the room that we thrive on.

Each of our projects is led by a design consultant who works with you from the beginning of your relationship with More Interiors. The process of the design builds trust and allows your design consultant to understand your requirements. This places responsibility with one point of contact with whom you can discuss your project and receive a knowledgeable response.

Upon completion of the initial design phase of the process we invite our clients into our showroom to talk through the concept. This exciting point is the culmination of many hours of hard work and often surprises clients with how detailed and considered the final layout is.

The design consultant responsible for your project will deliver a visual presentation of the interior space. Time will be given to the direction in which the design developed and the reasons for the choices proposed.

Clients can openly ask questions and make refinements to the design in order to make certain they are fully satisfied that the Kitchen, Bedroom or Bathroom meets their expectations. Once both parties are happy the concept is the best it can be, we will commence the order and installation process.

Luxury Design with Installation Perfection

Once the design has been agreed, the next stage is to draw up a schedule. We do this for two reasons. Firstly, good planning is key to ensuring that everything runs smoothly and prevents unnecessary delays.  Secondly, we understand that renovations can be stressful.

We want our clients to be confident that they know what’s going on and how the project is progressing along the way.

Our Installation partners are a group of highly skilled professionals who share our obsession with detail. Luxury design demands a skilled installation experience.

In addition, while a certain amount of noise and dust is inevitable, our installation partners will always tidy up at the end of the day to minimise the impact on our clients’ lives.

More Interiors are committed to look after our clients long after your project with us is complete. We will never underestimate the value of ensuring that every client remains completely satisfied. Many of our clients return to us for additional home improvements or to discuss projects in additional properties.

With our installation partners and technical team, we are always on hand to assist with any concerns that may arise.

It is our attention to detail that makes the difference. The success of More Interiors is due to repeat business and recommendation.  We never underestimate the value of ensuring that every client remains completely satisfied and strive to deliver exceptional service.

Minimising the environmental impact of designing and installing Luxury Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Our suppliers work to demanding emission and sustainability targets to produce Luxury quality products with the lowest possible effect to the environment. We carefully consider how our processes use energy and resources and strive to utilise the most environmentally friendly methods to fulfil your needs.

Evaluation of our processes ensures that we work in an environmentally friendly way:

  • Day-to-day correspondence is digital to keep printing to an absolute minimum
  • Kitchen and Bathroom designs are created on CAD programmes to reduce waste
  • Deliveries of products to site are carefully planned to minimise transportation time

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