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Bathroom Design


Clever functions and products that create space - for thosewho don’t want to compromise on functionality or storage space.

For the vast majority of people, the bathroom is hardly aspacious room. When it comes to designing a new bathroom, people often havehigh ambitions, and so they should! But the reality often looks somewhatdifferent. Most people require space-saving solutions that are both functionaland look good, particularly in cloakrooms or en-suites. That’s why Geberit developproducts that maximise the available space, creating more room for storage.

The bathroom needs to meet a range of differentrequirements - sometimes all at the same time. If it is cleverly designed, itcan do just that. It’s all a question of having a great design and usingstorage space. There is a real art in positioning objects in different types ofbathroom furniture so that everything is in a logical place and can be reachedquickly. The mirror cabinet, for example, is the ideal location for the mostcommonly used items such as toothbrushes, deodorant and cosmetics. Ideally, thewashbasin cabinet then covers the rest of your storage space needs on its own,and can act as a veritable warehouse in which you can find a place for itemsvarying from soap to hand towels. If you would like to have even more space,you can include a side cabinet or tall cabinet.

Inspiring Bathrooms, designed for life.

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