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Bespoke by Burlington is a unique collection of hand-decorated and coloured ceramics. Offering a new level of customisation in bathroom design, the exciting collection draws inspiration from nature and famous eras of design.

Made to order by skilled craft workers in Staffordshire, England, using the finest materials, the collection is presented on a selection of Burlington’s best-selling Edwardian basins and WCs. Bespoke by Burlington brings a new choice to traditional bathrooms, moving further away from the well-worn minimalist look. The new collection places the brand at the forefront of modern-day bathroom design, whilst remaining true to its historic traditional influences and style.

Created in collaboration with leading British Designer Julie Ingham, each individual hand illustrated pattern in the Decorated Collection is applied by highly trained ceramic lithographers using traditional methods onto selected ceramic pieces in the Burlington collection. Offering an elegant and personalised take on classic bathroom décor, the decorative designs bring unique character to today’s traditional bathrooms across four distinctive categories.

Traditional, with a unique difference.

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